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About Us

Morriston Ladies Choir, or MLC as its affectionately known, was formed in 1941 by  Miss Lillian Abbot and members of the Local First Aid Defence Group, wedging their way in-between the many strong male voice choirs that dominated the area and still do! Like in a relay race where the fourth to take the baton has the most difficult task, Anthony Williams former music teacher come funeral arranger, has had the celebrated task of raising the standards of a ladies choir who are now more than capable of holding their own against a male voice choir. Anthony has been with the choir since 1974 and since then has been steadily broadening the choirs musical repertoire where they are now equally at home singing traditional Welsh Folk Songs as they are performing show tunes and contemporary music.  


Where would Anthony be without his faithful sidekick? That's where Huw Smitham comes in. A Townhill boy at heart, Huw has been involved in amateur music since the age of 15, he has accompanied many choirs and soloists since his big break, at the age of 18, with the Belmont Male Choir in Swansea. Huw has found the switch from male choral singing to ladies choral singing a refreshing change. 


The choir have made their base at Tabernacle Chapel in the heart of Morriston, rehearsing in the vestry and holding their Annual as well as many other concerts in the Chapel upstairs. The choir have performed with numerous other choirs and military bands from near and afar.


MLC are not only known locally, they are also known on the international scale, singing in the Parliament Buildings in Toronto and the National Parliament Buildings in Ottawa during their 1991 Golden Jubilee tour of Canada. The highlight of the tour however was singing in front of a crowd of 2,500 in a town called Peterborough. It's not just in Canada where the choir have left their mark, they have also performed in Germany, Holland, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Tuscany and Poland as well as many concerts across the bridge.


In 2016 the choir celebrated their 75th Anniversary! 

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